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The well-known centre of planographic works in České Budějovice. The facility has been in operation continuously since the construction of the AGROPROJEKT operational building.
The first register of colours (gelatine-print), collotype, first large-format "xerox" made in the Soviet Union.
In 1989, the Planography became part of the design and commercial company AGPnova spol. s r.o.
The Planography provides printing and reprographic services in the area of the processing of technical documentation. The facility is equipped with the most powerful printing, copying and scanning devices by the Océ company. This equipment allows to provide all services quickly and in high quality. The car park located directly in front of the entrance to the facility allows our customers a comfortable approach.
Making orders via e-mail saves our customers a lot of time.
An individual approach to our customer and their special wishes is traditional in our company.


  • High-speed large-size printing to a width of 914 mm and a length of 15 m, in black-and-white
  • Black-and-white copying/scanning with the possibility to adjust the picture to A0 format
  • Colour copies up to A3
  • Completing technical documentation of project and etc.
  • The digitalization and vectorization of print documentation - the conversion of existing drawings into the digital form in the format usable in CAD systems (AutoCAD, MicroStation, etc.)

Technologies used

The high-speed large-format digital system for the printing and copying of technical documentation Océ 9800 (black and white print) with the integrated, automatic, drawing-folding machine

The printing rate is 10m/min (incl. large orders while you wait)

The black-and-white scanner allows to copy large-size models, with the digitalization of models with selectable automatic background correction, with the removal of impurities practically from any original, including blueprints and dark copies.

The printing and copying of the documents in A3 (one-sided or double-sided copies, brochures and the like on the Océ 3155 machine.

What do both machines have in common
Print technology Océ Copy Press

Technical parameters of the technology used

Océ 3155Technical parameters (PDF, 1.2 MB)

Océ 9800Technical parameters (PDF, 2.1 MB)
Technical parameters (PDF, 0.7 MB)
Technical parameters (PDF, 0.5 MB)


NamePhoneMobile phoneE-mail
Jarka Vlková386 357 707607 924
Pavel Vochozka387 316 077602 118

Prices inc. VAT valid since 1 August 2005

Black-and-white copy, one-sidedA4
1.40 CZK
Black-and-white copy, double-sidedA4
2.20 CZK
Black-and-white copy, one-sidedA3
2.80 CZK
Black-and-white copy, double-sidedA3
4.40 CZK
Black-and-white copy on colour paperA4
2.30 CZK
Colour copyA4
21.00 CZK
Colour copyA3
42.00 CZK
Rematrix, black-and-whiteA4
5.50 CZK
Rematrix, black-and-whiteA3
9.50 CZK
Large-format copies with a width of 297mmbm
20.00 CZK
Large-size copies with a
width of 420mm
25.00 CZK
Large-size copies with a
width of 594mm
30.00 CZK
Large-size copies with a
width of 841mm
40.00 CZK
Large-size copies with a
width of 914mm
43.00 CZK
Large-size rematrix,
with a width of up to 620 mm
51.00 CZK
Large-format rematrix with a width up to 914 mmbm
59.00 CZK
Manual folding of copies, completingA4
0.50 CZK
Ring bindingpc
36.00 CZK
Single bindingpc
24.00 CZK
Copying on self-adhesive foilA4
19.00 CZK
Document scanning, A4 - A3 pc
15.00 CZK
Document scanning, A2 - A0pc
60.00 CZK
Lamination of A4 documentspc
15.00 CZK
Lamination of A3 documentspc
35.00 CZK

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